Customer support isn’t just about resolving your customers’ issues. Covid-19 crisis asks the customer support service to be more available, active and value adding, We are at the end of the 2020 and this is that time of the year again – SALES and some more SALES. The official holiday sale season is here! For your customer support to be great during and after in 2021, you need the systems to back it up. This can only start with a good help desk software or a ticketing system. We are extremely excited to share a success story from one of our firsts clients on Themeforest – Iqonic Design

We know holiday sale season is a huge deal for online retailers/sellers and luckily that doesn’t change this year too. But, what all does change is everything else – covid-19 pandemic and the concept of ‘new normal’. The fact is that companies and freelancing agencies have never faced a landscape like this on one of the biggest sales of the year. The ‘new normal’ brings some challenges for the digital entrepreneurs to adjust and adapt, customers are no more patient than they were. 

Customers will now take their business to a competitor after a single negative experience. Thus, putting customer support service at the top of the priority list. 

Here are 5 key features Iqonic Design team maxed out to offer the best customer support service using Desky help desk software in the sale season: 

1.   Deliver real-time experience online

Customers are going to have the higher expectation of the customer support service during holiday seasons sales. In past Black Fridays, sellers never really had to accommodate a customer support software because least interactions were happening, but now that the time has changed, customers want to know every details of the product/service they would be buying. In 2020 holiday sales season, be prepared to greet them, but in real-time digital interactions. Turn on your Desky Live Chat and encourage more interaction smoothly. 

2.   Make a Customer Experience journey

Companies who invest in their customer experience (CX) have a real opportunity to grow. A detailed report on it says that 75% of customers will spend more to buy from a company that offers a better customer service experience. Customer service in terms of sharing knowledge and accessibility. Update your knowledgebase and resource library for your customers. Add frequently asked questions, common troubleshooting articles and guides that will redirect your customers to your website. Plan a virtual journey of how your customer will be passing from one step to another while you’re resolving their issue. A flexible help desk software with a sound knowledgebase where they can find the answers they need without interacting with a human is a winner. 

3.   Attention to the details 

Holiday sale season is going to crowd up your customer support help desk, be prepared for it. While you’re getting piled on with support tickets, you cannot miss to give attention to support tickets that need to extra handling. You can flag your customer ticket and tag them according to the need of urgency. Prioritizing them will conveniently make your customer feel attended with additional effort. Sale season enforces companies to plan based on how they think consumers are going to act. This year throws up a lot of question marks. To work with that uncertainty, sellers must be fully ready to handle frustration, anger and anxious nature of their customers. 

4.        Upsell during SALE

If your business is not utilizing upselling and cross-selling during sale season, you are leaving money at the table. Offer your customers relevant products to make sure that they are getting your full range of services and you are getting the best ROI from the sale season. Promote your most reviewed or most sold products, give more prominent space for the upsell, display testimonials for the upsell. Make sure the upsells are not more than 25% costlier than the original product. And always make sure you suggest products from the same category.

5.        Analyze how your customer support service performances

To prove that you are delivering your best level of customer support service during the sale season, you need to have an evaluation metric. Having a help desk metrics that will narrow down the data to relevant metrics is crucial. The metrics can be of responding to a support ticket faster, turning an anxious customer to a happy user, resolving customer requests without any delay and being 24X7 available to the customer helps to boost business productivity. The quality service of any helpdesk can make or break your business, thus it is important to select the agent accordingly.  

Build Better Customer Support Service During Sales

And as important as help desk ticketing software is, it can be hard to find the right one. Pricing details can be ignored in company websites, and usability can be difficult to decide. So, we’ve done some of the work for you. Below is the best IT help desk software build for IT startups to build better customer support service: 

1.         Freshdesk (ideal for small to midsize business needs)

2.         Zendesk (ideal for Mid-tier US-based service teams)

3.         Desky (ideal for freelancers, Envato Authors, online IT startups, multi-channel hierarchy SMEs)

4.         Helpscout (ideal for high-growth and non-profits startups)

5.         Happyfox (ideal for large-size enterprises with extensive reporting requirements.

Conclusion: A robust help desk software like Desky can help you from slipping your customer queries through the cracks by turning them into easily manageable tickets. Once a new ticket is created, it can easily be assigned and marked for the internal support agent at the right time. However, customer support service isn’t just confined to ticket management only. A help desk software has to be agile and purposeful with features like Live Chat, integration, mobile apps and multi-channel hierarchy which allows you to build a micro team of support agents. This ensures the highest level of consistency, speed, and quality of customer service.