Talking with your customers is what brings in more customers. As a digital entrepreneur, you need to handle a lot of communication – customer support requests and within your team. Using just an an ordinary email account will not be effective enough on a longer-term. And, that’s where you need this powerful help desk software. Helpdesk software or IT Support portal facilitates your customers with assistance and help they would need with your product/service. 

Nowadays, helpdesk software is emerging as a way to manage online communication. We developed Desky Support which can simply replace email, phone, self-service (knowledge base, feedback management, community, forum), and even social media.

What is an IT Help Desk? 

An IT company typically deploy help desk software to manage the customer support requests, automate routine tasks, and optimize their customer service and workflows. This directly results in increased productivity, reduced costs, achieve greater service levels, and enhance customer experience.

Getting Started With A Help Desk Software

Switching from email to a help desk software might take you a while but not anymore with Desky. We have simplified our helpdesk software considering what genuinely matters to you. We have put some information for the beginners who are just getting started with a helpdesk software. 

Why Do You Need A Help Desk

The value added by a helpdesk management software goes beyond customer service operations. This support ticketing software benefits various departments of a company including the support technicians, customers, management staff, marketing team, and the entire organization itself.A help desk software bring interactions in an organized form, across all channels and hierarchy. Desky’s set of features allows you to manage customer responses and requests in a controlled manner by keeping each requests as tickets using the powerful ticketing tool. 

How Can A Help Desk Help You

A helpdesk software helps almost every business owner – startup, small or medium scaled enterprise. Your audience, your end-users, inbound customer support representatives or a customer base will expect a prompt answer to their request.

Tech Startup

Small tech businesses usually operate with smaller IT team. Carrying out customer support or maintaining assets is difficult to manage. Therefore, these businesses can gain many benefits from implementing IT ticketing system software. 

IT Support company

Your Desky helpdesk software and live chat system is developed after considering IT professionals from Envato platform. Desky’s Envato integration is hence, naturally the best fit for an IT support ticketing software tool. Out of the various benefits that IT helpdesk solutions offer IT support teams, we updated Desky with a few key benefits:

– Envato, WooCommerce, Shopify Integration

– Developer API 

– IMAP Ticket Reply

– Added Stripe payment gateway

Envato auto-sync new product if user try to submit a ticket

Checkout the entire set of features here: https://desky.support/features/

Who Can Use Help desk Software

Anyone and everyone that does business with customers can benefit from a helpdesk tool. The size of a company defines the need of a type of help desk software. We’ve broken it down three different types of businesses and Desky plan to fit your requirement. Click here to check out Desky that’s perfect match for you! 

Is Help Desk Right For You? 

Just as no two businesses are same, applying one help desk cannot be ideal. With number of helpdesk software options to choose from, it can be nerve-racking to decide which one will be the best fit for your business. Desky Support promises to simplify your customer support. Here’s a quick list of the must-have features you should consider before signing up for a help desk software. 

–             Prompt support ticket management 

–             Automate support tickets 

–             Build knowledgebase for customers

–             Tracking tickets

–             Live Chat 

–             Centralized control 

–             Priority tickets management 

–             Smart integrations

Try Desky Helpdesk & Live Chat now and build your customer service in the most promising way.