Manage your support without a hitch!

Desky’s is just what you need to manage your customer support requests with it’s non-bloating powerful features.

Easy ticket submission and assignment

Desky is designed to make your support tickets work faster for both- Agent as well as customers. And by faster we literally mean, in a click! With a ‘Transfer’ button right next to your support ticket, you can simply assign it to the respective department and particular team member of that department.

Live Chat

Yet another powerful feature of Desky is Live chat. This is more fun way to interact and handle your customer support tickets. With Desky’s unique user interface design, you can respond to your customers faster and easier. . Desky chat is the perfect mix of astonishingly sleek and amazingly simple feature that boost your conversions.

Personalized branding

Maintain brand consistency by styling your customer helpdesk just like your brand's look and feel. Personalize brand elements like color, logo, favicon, and content. You know what your customers come looking for better. Design your Desky by selecting what information should be the first thing your customers would be interested in.

Smart integrations

With a Desky's smart integration support for Envato, Slack, WooCommerce, Mattermost (and many more) you can increase your productivity without hopping much between different systems. You’ll never feel lost addressing your customer queries and requests.

Articles & knowledge base

Customers love you when you empower them. Desky allows you to facilitate your support system as self-service option for your customers. This may sound counter-intuitive, but articles and knowledgebase makes the support much faster without direct interaction or dedicated time in supporting a ticket.

Departments & agents with multilevel team hierarchy

With Desky’s multi-level team hierarchy, you can add multiple departments and add agents to these departments. By onboarding your team, you can optimize your customer responses and track the progress of their assigned tickets. Every agent gets personal login to check and track his/her tickets and chats.

Powerful settings panel

Tailor your support ticket platform in all forms with Desky. Customize the look & feel, chat widget, forms and lot more with Desky’s outstanding options to alter. You can personalize your customer’s experience with email templates. You can also create static pages to launch or for promotional uses.

Multi language support

Business are growing and from remote team members to offices in different countries, your employees can be located across the globe. Desky offers multi-language support. Customize your Desky with the language your customers are looking up. This in itself builds a better customer relationship for the company.

Android & iOS mobile apps

Ace your customer support game with Android and iOS Desky app. Send replies, comment and interact with your customers on the go. Track the progress of open tickets and notify your customers on the progress of their support requests. You can assign new tickets to your team from your phone.


Desky offers a customization option for notifications on your support portal. Users can get notified on several platforms like Email, Slack, Mobile app, web push, and Mattermost. You can customize which notifications are important to you and manage them from the settings.

Permissions and access control

Desky offers you a holistic control of options where you can decide who has access to what. By simply checking the permission boxes in settings panel, you can grant or revoke permission to and from your team members(Roles). User can create multiple roles based on their choices and link it with agent accounts.

Reporting and Insights

Desky insights allow you to proactively review your support performance and improve potential risks of unhappy customer. You can view monthly report of tickets that are being attended by your team, solved tickets which are resolved by your team member from the department and closed tickets.