Desky aims to simplify support requests and serves as the fastest source of information. Designed especially for Individual authors, Freelancers, Small and medium Business owners.

Easy Ticketing

Easily allows you to submit support tickets. You can prioritize, categorize and assign to your Team.

Departments & Agents

Create unlimited internal departments and add support agents to collaborate on individual tickets.


Have your homepage personalized just the way you want. Customize logo, color and subdomain.

Envato Integration

If you are an Envato author, you can simply connect your account directly with Desky.

Articles & Knowledge Base

Enrich your support with unlimited articles and knowledge-base to help your customers.

Email Template

Every emails can be customized. You can easily change any email template, sender and subject.

Use Desky To Supercharge Your Support System

Bring the best customer experience with Desky. To stronger team collaborations, faster responses, simpler conversations and happiest customers.

Build Your Own

With Desky, you can make your personalized support platform - simplified support platform.

Forever FREE

Get Desky free for Lifetime! Give a rewarding treatment to your customers.

What Makes Us The Most Sorted Helpdesk

Desky is the complete helpdesk system. Keeping simplicity as the key idea, you will find NOT all but JUST what you are looking for.

  • Simpler and faster conversations
  • Complete control over your support platform
  • Intuitive and clean interface
  • Developed by professionals for professionals

`` Customer service is not just a
department; It is the entire company``

-Tony Hsieh