What is Desky?

Desky is a cloud based customer support ticketing + live chat system software to help manage and optimize customer support service for entrepreneurs and businesses. The scalable subscription model grows with emerging needs of any growing company in crafting the best support system for their customers.

What makes Desky different from other support ticketing portal?

Desky is a non-bloated and simple solution that combines 2 essential tools i.e Ticketing system + Live Chat necessary for customer interaction to handle post sales support. It is a slimmed down and practical version of lot of complex system available in market

Can I only use chat and not the Ticketing System?

Absolutely! You can choose to only use chat feature and not use the ticketing system. However both features are bundled in the platform and there is not separate “Chat only” plan

Can chat widget be integrated in other websites?

Yes, Chat widget can be added on your other websites. You need to add widget script in your website and you are done

How do I pay for plan I want?

We currently accept credit or Debit card and Paypal. Majorly, we’ve got you sorted but just in case, you need help with payment, reach us at [email protected]

What is the best way to get started with Desky?

Once you have created your account, Best would be start setting you support portal with your company’s basic info. Here is the quick start guide : https://help.desky.support/article/getting-started-with-desky

How do I access the portal as an Admin?

You simply go to your support portal URL and hit login button. There you will find “COMPANY SIGN IN” button which can used for admin/agent login.

Who owns my data and is it secure?

You own all your data. We take data protection and security very seriously. We have best security practices in place. Also you can request us to clear your data from our servers any time.

What if I upgrade to the new plan while my previous plan is active?

Once you upgrade to a new plan any time of the month, we will reset your billing cycle. You can clear your previous plan’s invoice for the days you’ve used it and we’ll onboard you with the new plan. Any doubts? Please reach us at [email protected]

Where do I report defects or request feature improvement/support?

If you encounter a defect or have a concern using Desky, you can write to us at our support email address [email protected] OR submit your query at help.desky.support .We always strive to provide seamless experience with Desky for our users.