Let us show you a quick takeaway from a recent customer service study. This figures has direct correlation with one magic tool Live Chat which we will discuss further.

  • 79% customers will not drop a negative review for a company if they are offering a live chat support.
  • 38% customers are more likely to purchase from a company if they offer live chat support.
  • 63% customers are more likely to be with or re-purchase from a company if they offer live chat support.

Either face-to-face or over the phone, you as an entrepreneur communicate to your customers frequently. The technology is evolving and the new-age customers expect better and faster access to information. Live Chat is one of the most profitable tool for startups and SMEs. With real-time chat software, you can communicate with your customers in real-time in message format. Having a helpdesk with real-time chat feature allows you to respond faster to your potential customers. Desky’s real-time chat feature minimizes the turnaround time by allowing real-time chatting alternative for your leads. In today’s post, we show you how this magical tool can help you pour in profit for startups and SMEs.

The live chat software allows you to respond your customer over a chat window, it is super easy for your customers to understand your product, resolve basic queries and answer pre-purchase questions faster. This eventually bags you sales and profit. After all, if you provide your customers with a smooth, comfortable chat experience, there’s indeed a better chance to convert them to repeat customers.

4 Ways You Can Benefit Using Live Chat Tool 

The benefits this real-time chat over any voice communication are huge. For business, having a Live Chat tool is alow-cost alternative to offer excellent customer service. With a Live Chat tool, you can build an integrated brand messaging and engage your customers in a whole within the chat experience, so you are in sync with your business’s reputation while working directly with your customers.

From a customer’s perspective, real-time chat offers them a feeling of “instant attention”. They have someone to hear them when they head to your customer support ticketing platform. Here are 4 powerful ways you can optimize your customer support service with this tool:

  1. Grow more customers

Besides this tool is extremely convenient for customer and client. The companies who respond fast enough to capture the number of potential leads gets to grow their customer base. Consequently, the response time has a direct effect on the lead generation. Say for instance, when your customer reaches out to open a support ticket with you, you can offer a quick chat session assuring them a better and seamless ticket submission experience. So, to not loss out on a big, you can plan your chat strategy ahead of time to grow more customer segment with customized communication strategy.

2. Respond in real-time

When your customer support team is out of office or imagine a situation when your support agents are tied up on resolving other support tickets. So, in this situation, you can choose to adapt Live Chat as an acknowledgement tool. Remember, bots? Live Chat is a used as a genius bot to customize responses based on common questions. Additionally, you can automate bot that confirms to your customer of receiving the support ticket as well as communicating status update of a particular ticket. The ability to respond in real-time offers customers an experience that they’re in tune with company and their concern will be resolved soon.

3. With Live Chat you can handle anxious customer promptly

FAQs and support section on your product offering are good for surface-level questions. But, having a helpdesk with a live chat helps the company as it scales up. Chat box offers the best option for customers who want to vent out their opinion. However, an annoyed customer is likely to market the product negatively. To safeguard your credibility, live chat opens a new space with a real-time response to your customer’s anxiety and disappointment.

4. Push customers through sales funnel

Lastly, it is an easy way to push your customers to the sales funnel. For a startup to be successful, having a planned sales funnel is crucial. Once, you have set your sales funnel, it takes tools like live chat to decide your customer’s journey. Live chat software brings life to you’re your helpdesk allowing your visitors to interact with someone ‘human’. You can draft a winning strategy for your customers. To summarize, you can offer a demo tour of your best product or a smart recommendation of new products through live chat option. And these are just a few major reasons! Most importantly, using this tool is extremely simple, straightforward, and engaging for you and your team. You can easily will be able to master it and take your startup or SME to win at customer service experience.