The Basic Introduction Desky Support is an integrated, account-based portal that lets digital product agents, authors, companies, and freelancers manage product support requests for FREE. The intuitive interface and rich features of Desky Support make it easier to search for information quicker, access tickets and multiply the company’s profit. Desky Support is your one-stop for […]

Desky collects support tickets for you and your support team to answer them personally. It provides you with an ability to see the history and analytics of tickets, products, departments, and employees. Add departments that will perform support tasks by going to the Admin dashboard and selecting the Company menu -> company -> departments. You […]

There is no better way than sharing the information than having a detailed article on it. Publish your product-related or industry-based articles in the articles category. Get started with articles by visiting the Admin dashboard. Click on Pages Menu -> Articles – Add Articles. After filling out the required fields. You can edit, change or […]

Desky is extremely flexible and together with the authorization of tickets, it allows you to model different requirements and set priorities. As an admin role, you can assign your employees tickets that relate to their particular department. You can track the interactions by checking ‘Open tickets’. Tickets that are not assigned to any department stay […]

Desky offers you complete flexibility to customize your support desk. You can set update your profile by setting up a logo, favicon, site loader as well as social media links. Go to the Admin dashboard and scroll down to settings. Select configuration Menu and general settings in Settings (Configuration -> Settings -> General settings). Follow […]

Desky is an incredible solution for those painful support questions. You can enhance the beauty of your support portal to elevate your customer user experience. Desky allows you to set the language, color, and analytics. Start by heading to the Admin dashboard. Go to Configuration Menu -> Settings -> Other Settings. Add custom style CSS, […]