The COVID-19 pandemic is a HUGE problem for companies as well as start-ups. It’s impossible to ignore the issue – it has changed the way business is executed. Being an Envato exclusive author or non-exclusive author relies on different factors today. Earlier we talked about how Envato Authors are blooming and how you too can get your pie from the cake. Let’s dive deeper into what it holds for Envato exclusive authors.

Primarily if you’re a startup, the road to reach your desired sales number is long. But, that’s either way. The “dry facts” of selling exclusively on ThemeForest means Envato will charge less commission. That being said, for every sale your theme makes, Envato comparatively takes lower percentage. It is actually based on a gradual revenue share model. It goes like this: The more you generate in total gross, the less commission you pay.

On the contrary, if you do not an Envato exclusive authors, the rules are discreet. Envato keeps a much bigger chunk of your earnings to itself by default.

Benefits of selling on Themeforest as an exclusive Envato Author

1.Brilliant community

Envato is the perfect marketplace to capitalise on your WordPress and PHP skills. It allows you to create a digital portfolio of products that we could sell to a global audience. Envato exclusive authors can grow in every aspect from design to codebase.

  1. Marketing strategy

Envato brings you clients and it’s free. Say for example, for a small agency or start-up, it’s difficult to invest in marketing and sales. Envato does it all of that for you without any additional charge. Envato exclusive authors is only charged for the minimal % on their sales.

  1. Standard products only

Envato’s Themeforest marketplace is undoubtedly has the best WordPress themes. Envato helps you build a better product. The review team provides feedback until your provjde is up to the mark. this helps you improve your product level.

  1. Real-world trends

Among quality code and design it is also important to make your theme trend-hit. Themeforest runs a real-world trend checks for its authors. The are number of item concepts in Themeforest. Say for example, Corporate, Creative, Non-profit, etc. Each concept differs dramatically. As an Envato exclusive author your chance of getting conversation becomes higher when you consider a thorough check of these trends.

  1. Bigger traffic

Additionally, the next biggest advantages of selling themes on Envato is the possibility of getting a higher traffic flow. A beginner webmaster will hardly ever manage to achieve on a different platform otherwise. Also, there are most sold tags and most used tags. You can write a beautiful item description, demo theme and offer great support to keep ratings of your theme high. Desky Helpdesk and Live Chat is developed for Envato Authors. Sign up and manage your customer support service like professionals.

To wrap up, as long as you produce great work consistently, you will reach your desired sales mark. Being an Envato exclusive author also allows you to network with everyone in the community, a good following and get sales by paying off less comission. For a startup or a company, Envato offers bigger exposure and let you do what you love full time. Not to mention, it also provides you (and your family) with a really remarkable income.