While the businesses are re-entering the new normal, it is no secret that developing and designing business is booming. Themes for WordPress are being sold on enormous platforms. Many marketplaces have emerged that gives you an opportunity to get your themes sold to millions of people all over the world. We’re talking about the most genuine and highly popular Themeforest platform of Envato. In today’s post we’ll tell how you can become Envato Author and sell your designs and developed themes and templates successfully in 2020 post-pandemics.

Developed by Envato Marketplace, Themeforest is widely known marketplace for WordPress themes creators. Here, designers and developers can register as Envato Author to buy and sell themes for major CMS products such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with prices that fall between $2 to $70 and above.

How to become Envato Author in 2020

With a reach of millions of customers, Envato marketplace is the largest online creative community. Become an Envato Author and build your brand and customers.

It simply takes a 4 simple steps to Sign Up and become Envato Author –

1: Head to https://author.envato.com/join/sign_in and click on create new account option.

2: Fill up the details and check the Envato Privacy Policy.

3: Just follow and answer the survey questions as you continue.

4: Then you can go to your dashboard and complete the registration details.

5 Rules to be successful Envato Author

Since this is an extremely high traffic marketplace, your chances of getting more sales becomes feasible. Envato has set a high bar of standards to approve items. Here are 5 key rules that you should consider in 2020 to become Envato Author

  1. Quality and originality

Envato marketplace has a strict quality standards. You should be ready to undergo the review process to successfully become Envato Author with your items on sale. Also, Envato encourages their authors to develop original work only.

  1. Your item should be clear and meaningful

As artists and designers, Envato wants you to describe what your work is. Say for example, when you decide to become Envato Author you’ll have to narrow it down to selecting your item to sale, your customer base and your brand.

  1. Description and details

Titles and descriptions are important part of your item. Additionally, this form of content used as advertising tool as well. You can increase odds of sales by achieving competitive advantage. You should consider Envato’s guidelines for excellent titles, tags and descriptions.

  1. Item support

To weed out technical item related issues, Envato Authors are expected to provide item support. Hence an amazing customer support service matters essentially when you aspire to become one of the Envato Author. Moreover, great customer support flourishes you with positive reviews and more sales.

  1. Check on trends

Envato evolves with time. You should keep a check on Envato trends. From design to multimedia and animation, Envato presents its own trend predictions annually curated by Envato experts.

We cannot stop emphasizing how a well thought customer helpdesk tool can make half battle win here. We have designed Desky for Envato Authors to uplift their intentions and initiatives with its brilliant helpdesk and live chat software.