Envato Authors, this is for you: How are you safeguarding your business these days? Or what are the ways you are trying to at least minimize the impact of Covid-19 on your revenue?

We don’t want to tell you about the recent wrath of God and it’s affects here. But this post is about how you as creative Envato authors, entrepreneurs, developers and marketers should plan your sales revival in this unpredictable business scenario.

The pandemics caused the product development cycle to slow down, customer purchase power is shaken, and post-sales service/queries to soar up. And almost every company is facing it. So we have streamlined 7 practical and actionable ideas for Envato Authors.

1. Create a viral content 
Facing a drop in your earnings? Poor pageviews? It’s time to rethink your content. Revise your page content by adding an emotion to your product. A humorous meme, industry-related sarcastic note, some good quote sure strikes interest in you which can turn into competitive advantage. 

2. Discounts and offers 
Promotions and incentives play an active role in driving customers to your product. And one simple way entrepreneurs can do it is by using Discounts and offers. Run promotional campaigns to boost sales. Optimize your support portal and run a contest for your customers, referral discounts and much more. Desky support system allows you to engage with your customers in the most beautiful way. It’s simple, easy and impactful. 

3. Outreach through emails 
A personalised email is a standard way to engage with your customers. When you’ve published a fresh blog post, infographic, or a free trial, you can send your customers an email. Remember that your customers are busy people, so you should need an intriguing subject line to stand-out in a cluttered inbox. Say for example, let your customers know that you’ve shifted your customer support to this amazing new Desky portal. Don’t forget to add a direct link to our landing page.

Secret brownie points for Envato Authors

4. Gamification
We at Desky, take games seriously. Not only games, Desky believes in creating a relaxing experience for customer support teams. The minds behind customer support often encounter anxiety. Thus, to ditch this shallow feeling, we suggest you create a holistic experience for your inbound team as well. Hence, with an inclusion of enjoyment-focused element in your service is a win-win for agent and customers.

5. Offer self-service portal
For businesses it is high time to switch to a support portal that is flexible and scalable. However, having an uncompromising and simple support tool should not cost a fortune. We have summarized 3 free best customer helpdesk for Envato Authors already. Desky offers you to build a resource for your customers. Say for example, you can setup a Knowledgebase or publish an articles for your reference. Therefore you can encourage your customers to do most of the task on their own!

6. Be the skyscraper! 
Above all, one secret trick is attracting links to your website. This linkbuilding is called skyscrap. Without links, your web pages aren’t going to be noticed in Google’s competitive search results. You can actively write or share a blogpost on the  customer support portal.

Envato Authors Integration

7. Adopt integration
With a no second thought, it’s actually relatively easy to integrate your product with a user-friendly customer support portal. Besides having a basic level sign-up process, a helpdesk serves way more than it’s purpose. Desky provides super quick Envato integration. Thus, your customers can now be attended with much more precision, care and personalized replies.

To conclude this, we believe that the inbound marketing efforts offer one of the most effective ways to scale-up users and revenues during this time of uncertainty. The rage of Covid-19 should not churn your customers with improper on-boarding, poor customer service, or delayed product upgrades, or losing them by a competitor. And if you’ve got a killer strategy to share, tweet at Desky – we’d love to hear it!