Selling products through Envato Market? Too sick of handling customers queries on comments and emails? OR Still haven’t found the suitable and best free helpdesks for Envato Authors ?

We’ve got you covered!

Having a proactive customer support is a cornerstone of any truly successful product or service company. As an Envato author, it becomes crucial to distinguish your work and business in the highly-dense Envato market environment, you need to key up what your customers need. Be attentive to their concerns, and be responsive to their feedback.

Who would like to like to miss an email from your customer asking for that extra gig he wants you to do at a charge. Likewise, addressing an annoyed customer’s comment tactfully will help you differentiate you as an author.

In this post, we have curated a list for 3 best free helpdesk for Envato Authors platforms you can use to serve your Envato customers. Below are widely used Free Helpdesk For Envato Authors.

1. Desky Support

Desky is hands down the most suitable Free helpdesk for Envato authors. Designed specifically for addressing the challenges of Envato sellers.

Desky comes with special Envato API integration. In under a minute you can link your Envato account with Desky and start taking ticket submissions from your verified customers.

Key features for Envato Authors:

  • Easy Envato Account integration
  • Allow customers to login with Envato account
  • Auto verify customer’s purchase code before ticket submission
  • Automatically import all your Envato products to Desky
  • Live Chat

Additionally, Desky comes with a bundle of features as well. Above all, it makes customer support service simple, easy and painless for Envato authors.

  • Notifications feature
  • Private/Public Ticket
  • Ticket management
  • Mobile Apps
  • And more.

Here you can have a quick tour of the platform.

2. Freshdesk

In the foreground, Freshdesk is one of the popular and partly free helpdesk for Envato Authors and businesses. Besides, under its free plan it offers enough features to get you basic ticketing needs covered. Apart from it, Freshdesk make it fairly easy to track, prioritize, and assign ticket across the team. Also, getting started with Freshdesk is simple and straight forward.

Key features of Freshdesk:

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Email Ticketing
  • Multiple agents
  • Simple Reports
  • Knowledge base creation
  • Mobile Apps

3. Zoho Desk

Last but not the least is this widely used free helpdesk is Zoho desk. If you have ever searched for business software platforms then you must have encountered “Zoho” somewhere or the other. Indeed Zoho is an Indian giant who has his foot in almost every area of business automation and productivity software.

However, Zoho desk is again a good alternative of Freshdesk if you have under 3 support agents.

Key features of Zoho Desk:

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Email Ticketing
  • Upto 3 agents
  • Simple Reports
  • Private Knowledge base creation
  • Mobile Apps

However, all the 3 platforms are good options to consider. But, if you are an Envato author then Desky is a no brainer choice. And to summarise all alternatives, Desky is purposefully designed to scale up with your growing needs and as an Envato author. It is a support system that grows with you as your company adds more products and employees and customers.

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