Themeforest is the most popular platform curated by Envato Market. Unfortunately authors have to face Themeforest hard rejection quite often. It is bit hard to get in at first and sometimes it’s not even “look fair” the way they judge your submission.

Here we will share some quick tips that will get you started with ThemeForest for the first time. But, before but before starting with it, let us tell you Desky has a smart Envato integration. That being said, you can simply login with your Themeforest author account and start using Desky as your support portal.

How Themeforest works?

At ThemeForest, you can buy and sell WordPress, HTML templates, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS products. Also, you can put the price of your item based on your criteria and work you put in and it’s utility. ThemeForest adds a Buyer Fee to your price. It’s item approval process is one of the most discussed thing for aspiring authors. Themeforest hard rejection becomes subjective nonetheless, repetitive in nature as well.

There are a few advantages to become a an exclusive Themeforest Author. ThemeForest ensures that no deceitful seller swindle you in the process of selling your item. In short, the road to achieve your deserved sales is long. Henceforth, before press the ignition, you need to know process and how to handle Themeforest hard rejection points.

Indeed, Themeforest is a home to a aspiring web designers and developers and one of the most visited and trusted marketplace.

Why you should sell your theme on Themeforest?

While we focus on how to deal with Themeforest hard rejection points, let us see the bright side why to go ahead with Themeforest.

  1. Massive traffic

And we are not talking about random traffic here. Themeforest attracts visitors of similar community on daily basis These are individual sellers, buyers, business and agencies who value your work and worth.

  1. Freedom to choose

Themeforest, as we have said earlier, allows you to choose the price of your product. You can plan your pricing and offering every time you wish to publish your item for sale. You can even change the pricing as per your package and features later on.

  1. Exclusive Themeforest Authors

It is not mandatory to be an exclusive author. You can choose whether to be exclusive author and sell your items only on Themeforest or elsewhere as well. Know more about it here.

  1. Promotional campaigns

You get a lot of perks, badges, the wall of fame inclusion, interviews on Themeforest blog and other significant boosts. Like for example, the new theme boosts your theme gets on Envato’s homepage when it is released and gets super-exposure in the first days.

  1. Friendly support

Lastly, the community. You have an opportunity to talk to real developers like yourself. Access to author is extremely easy with the help of .

What is Themeforest Hard Rejection vs
Soft Rejection

Themeforest Hard Rejection

It is hard to continue working on a theme if you don’t have any idea what is the cause of the hard rejection. So, once your item is rejected, take a thorough look, you will really find some new errors. You need to make make significant changes before re-submitting the item.

Whereas, when you get soft rejection it means that your item is almost ready for sale in the marketplace, but it needs some improvement. These improvements are described in the email or can be found in history tab in item page placed in the hidden tab in user page. You just need to read them carefully and correct/modify your theme accordingly.

Quick tips to get your 1st theme approved on Themeforest

  1. Market trends

Do your ground work right well. It is important to know which CMS products and niche themes are doing well in the business at the moment.

  1. Collaborate

It takes a collaborative efforts when it comes to launching a brilliant theme. Say for example, you can decide to work on the coding and collaborate with a web designer to help you with the best design layouts.

  1. Accomodate feedback

Either it is Themeforest hard rejection or soft rejection, your item is reviewed by someone from the Themeforest expert panel. Understand the feedback and execute the modification. Take your time and re-submit after re-checking your theme with the feedback on it.

  1. Quality

Also, one of the reason for Themeforest Hard Rejection is use of blurry images. Themeforest expects a higher quality product for their end-users. Hence, double-check your theme and make necessary arrangements before re-submiting

  1. Documentation

Upload a documentation of how an end-user can use your item and customise it. It is essential to have a detailed document of your item and we suggest you should provide it offline for your potential buyers.

To summarise this post, it is quite difficult to interpreter, because basically you must start guessing what went completely “wrong”. Additionally, this depends on the son n reviewer’s thinking process. Therefore, if it’s your first time on Themeforest, it’s not impossible but it might take a bit longer than you expected. Themeforest Hard Rejection points or soft rejection points will push your item approval. But, if you really want to get approved you will with some tips, tricks and tweaks.