Let’s be honest. Your customer support agent’s day consists of monotonous work. Customer support agents deal with a lot of people virtually. Sometimes all at a time and some time trying to convince an annoyed and frustrated customer. This job requires a lot of patience and dedication to providing stellar customer service for hours on end. In order for your customer support agents to make your customers happy, you must consider creating a happy space for them while they’re working on their helpdesk. Hence we brought Hextris on board with us. For the purpose to prevent this customer support burnout, Desky took a plunge to offer this stress-bursting game.

Hextris presents you as a tiny icon on your Admin dashboard, a geometric shape hexagon at the right of your screen. All you need to do is orbit the hexagon via simple touch controls: tap left (<) and tap right (>). You have to keep rotating to avoid the endless storming of multi-colored lines pouring towards you from all directions. Try to form a close cluster of same color lines to break the blocks. These lines approach in patterns that require quick-tapping and ruthless attention to avoid.

Hextris on Desky for the 1st time ever!

Don’t expect much of a tutorial. Hextris throws you right in to this persistent polygon challenge. This gameplay ends when your hexagon is blocked. Desky team put some effort to offer this engaging game. A break like this is quite refreshing for a customer support agent. You might give it a go thinking you’ll play a short game, but soon you’ll find yourself repeating the at least a couple of times, your fingers promptly jabbing at the screen to restart after cursing from the ridiculous mistake which made you score low.

Understanding the purpose of accommodating a game, Desky team authorize you to set how long you would like your customer agent to play this game. We do not intend to captivate your agent, but to counteract the damaging effects of monotonous job role on the business and overall profitability. Desky builds an environment that has the capability to motivate and retain skilled and experienced support agents. This does not only increase customer retention and loyalty but also help in cross-selling and up-selling other products. In a skeptic scenario of who and how your customers will be reacting, Hextris at least provides break for the next few minutes.