We are a strategy for converting customers to happy customers”

Do you know what is lies in the core of the success of the company? Customers or happy customers? With the advancement of products and services, customers expect better, faster and simplified support rather than overweighing with unnecessary details. This need for speedy response gives rise to a system that is designed to bridge between the brand and its customers. Irrespective of the size of a team or the volume of sales, having a customer support portal is making your business run like a pro.

Long gone are the days when your customer looks up for a phone number to call for raising a question related to the product, today’s customers are smart and they know what exactly they want. Rather than handling a customer with the auto-generated email response, or even in a worse case, you miss out on your potential customer’s inquiry. Since businesses are becoming remote and small-sized, here’s how a team of just three can collaborate and work on their customer support requests using Desky.

1. Team member One

Give the charge of this intuitively designed Desky to someone who will act as an Admin. Admin will have an aerial view of how your customers are responding to your product subjectively. Your team member who has been entitled as Admin will either branch out or weed out customer responses for other team members. Admin will migrate your existing customers to a more dedicated support portal. Desky believes in growing with you. As soon as you start to scale up, your customer support system grows with you too. With Desky’s simple user interface, one can transfer and track your customer support performance from anywhere and at any time.

2. Team member Two

The second team member or the one who admin had assigned the support ticket is the one who will resolve or work on the work. Desky offers ease of communication between the requester and the support agent so that there is no communication leak. The agent gets access to necessary details of the customer which will help him/her perform troubleshooting faster. The unique feature of attaching a video file in Desky allows your support agent to cut-down time in personalizing and drafting an entire process. Customer support can mark the support ticket as solved and can close the ticket once resolved. As a Desky powered support agent, one can even add knowledgebase, publish articles as well as add videos which will make your customer use your customer support portal as a self-service portal.

3. Team member Three

In a small-scale company, each team member has multiple tasks to juggle when it comes to their customers. From resolving support issues to sales and marketing, Desky provides a complete solution as the best and the most simplified customer support portal. Your third team member can be someone who will work internally to assist your customer support agent. There might be a time when you would need a helping hand in resolving customer queries. By using the permissions feature of Desky, you can allow your support ticket agent to add a member/department and transfer the ticket internally. Desky is everything you would need without bulging it with overwhelming features, adopt to the customer support system that is simpler, faster and efficient.

You can even spin up a beautifully branded, mobile-responsive customer support portal using Desky’s Android and iOS mobile applications (coming soon). Your Desky is professionally designed to work in collaboration. You can select your system plan as per your current need and scale up as you build a bigger ground. Designed and developed keeping in mind the agent user-experience and customer interactions, Desky will be up and running in no time. Having a ticketing system not only lets you stay in touch with your customers but also helps a business to track how to improvise and invest in products, services, and human skills. Because whether you are a team of three or thirty or three hundred, Desky helps you to manage customer support while you are juggling with production, sales, and marketing.