Improving support experience is the need of an hour for IT companies. Post-pandemics of COVID-19 has changed a lot for businesses and buyers. Email isn’t the most efficient means to provide customer support for IT. Customer support gives you an added advantage over your competitors today. Huge volumes of email can leave your inbox crowded and cluttered. Eventually, when your company grows, it becomes difficult to keep track of what is going on. And this is why a helpdesk comes in the picture. An intuitive and user-friendly helpdesk can let you manage your customer support requirement smartly. There are many helpdesk softwares available in the market. Of which, we had already spoken about our favorites in earlier post. Desky is build especially for IT startups, agencies, freelancers, small and mid-sized companies.

A ticket management feature is one of the important aspects of help desk system. It allows you to maintain a powerful database to manage customer queries. Moreover, it will help your customers with convenience of messaging. On the other side, it will also let you check the response time of your support team. Desky’s smart integration lets your customers reply from their email. Additionally, it provides a number of tools that helps you maintain a positive relation with your customers.

Before we go through the reasons why a helpdesk is better than email communication, we should see how email conversation is working and what are it’s limitations and how a helpdesk can overcome it.

Helpdesk VS Email Communication For Customer Support

Email communication has been one of the most valuable communication tool for most companies. However, there are several drawbacks of replying only on email communication. Here’s when you can go ahead with email communication:

1.  Email communication is a great way to send message that are not time-sensitive. Say for example, you can send a promotional email, newsletter, greetings, announcement, etc.

2.  If your communication is one-way communication. Say, you want to tell your customers on the new collaboration, new product-line, service add-on, etc.

3.   We all know, emails are not a secure way of sending sensitive information. You cannot ask your customers for any details over email.

4.   There is a risk for you as an entrepreneur. Your message can be easily reconstructed and shared with a anonymous email account holders.

So now, we will talk about why you should switch from email to a more powerful helpdesk; Desky in specific.

Reasons To Use Desky Helpdesk As Customer Support

A helpdesk is developed to eliminate the pesky manual process of managing customer support. The ticket management helps you to save time and efforts of your customer support team. Desky will receive and assign the issue automatically, rather than checking it every time you receive one. This will not only streamline the entire process of communication, but will help you speed up your response time.

Desky is an extended version of your email in terms of flexibility, speed and simplicity. However, Desky helpdesk allows you to do many things out of the box, which your email communication cannot. Below are the top reasons why Desky helpdesk is better than email support system:

1.    Fast, safe & secure access to client information

2.    Safe and secure remote access to our clients

3.    User-friendly ticket processing, allowing us to reassign, track & escalate support tickets with ease

4.    Automated escalation and alert notifications are sent to the team leaders and operations manager

5.    Easy to produce reports that can be printed/emailed directly to the clients

6.    In addition, every client has access to their own client portal, allowing them to raise new issues and track existing tickets.

7.    Provide instant troubleshooting support via Live Chat option.

8.    Collaborate with your internal team to resolve respective department support issues raise by customers.

9.    Flag tickets for attention, prioritize tickets for your support agents.

10.            Ensure a high level of communication by allotting team leaders and assigning permission.

11.            Admin can oversee support leaders and support agents’ performance.

12.            Admin can leave a private note that is visible only to team on tickets that need some remarks.

13.            Admin as well as agents can use ‘Saved Replies’ to save time in drafting repetitive form of replies.

14.            All your conversions are in one place – Dashboard.

15.            Peak your team’s efficiency by upgrading with Desky’s plan that grows with you.

16.            Your customer support team is the valuable asset. Boosting their productivity is one of the cost effective solution. Desky offers plans that are cost efficient and flexible.

17.            You can track your support tickets and understand the report metrics instantly with Desky helpdesk reports.

18.            Foster collaboration with Desky’s multi-level team hierarchy support structure. Add agents, departments, products, and customers.

19.            You can link your own subdomain to your support portal and let your customer have a user consistent experience.

20.            Smart integration is yet another strong feature of Desky. You can simply integrate your Envato, Slack, WooCommerce accounts and get going with Desky.

21.            Turn your customer support portal into self-help for your customer by adding informative Knowledgebase.

22.            Brand your own helpdesk the way you want. Powerful settings of Desky helpdesk lets you add your brand’s look and feel to your helpdesk.

23.            Businesses are crossing borders, so let your customer support be as local as you can. Desky offers multi-language support structure for your customers across the globe.

24.            Everything is now accessible from your smartphones then why not your customer support? Desky’s Android and iOS lets you ace you manage your customer support from your smartphone itself.


Helpdesk enables you to look quickly and efficiently through your customer trouble as tickets and empower you to build better customer brand image. Additionally, a helpdesk is indeed superior to email communication. Rightfully, helpdesk ticketing system is absolutely the great alternative to email communication for startups and freelancers. Desky is being used by IT entrepreneurs and loved by them as well. Try Desky helpdesk + live chat and turn your customer support into the most simplified and successful source of customer management.