Can a help desk software really work for your startup? If so, how much do you have to spend on it?

Desky help desk software and live chat makes it easy for you to run your IT startup efficiently. Setting up Desky is pretty easy. We truly believe in simplicity. For a startup, it is important to narrow down solutions. Even if a help desk software and this ticketing system sounds overwhelming, we are sure Desky support will wade you through all your dilemmas. With Desky’s Startup plan, keep up with your user requests, track active support tickets and get ahead of the next fire drill.

These are the two questions that would be triggered in one deciding whether to go with a free help desk software or a paid one for your IT startup. 

Fortunately, Desky offers a free version which is open for you to get your hands-on experience. Desky helps establish your IT startup with boundless possibilities.

With it’s free version, you get

  • 1 Agent: You can onboard 1 customer support agent/representative who will be looking after the incoming support tickets. 
  • 100 tickets a month: Your Free Desky help desk software plan holds upto 100 support tickets/customer requests a month. 
  • 1000 customers: As a startup, customer data is crucial. With Desky’s free version you can manage customers in a meaningful way.
  • 500MB storage space: To offer visual and supporting media for your customers, Desky allows you to use 500MB space with it’s free version. 
  • Knowledge Base: Customers are driven by the information. Desky’s free help desk software lets you add knowledge-base articles for your customers. 
  • Envato Integration: Envato market integration is a huge incentive for all the aspiring IT startups today. All you need to integrate your Envato account and your help desk software is synced with your products you sell on Envato. 
  • 60 days data retention: The free version of Desky support will retain your support tickets data so that it helps you to improvise and monitor your offering. 

When it comes to Desky support’s pricing, majority of the IT entrepreneurs and freelancers choose the best plan for their small-sized startup. The Startup Plan of Desky privilege you with flexibility, cost efficiency, and easy customization.

In this article, we want to show you how you can manage your customer support requests using the

Startup Plan of Desky support

– Upto 5 agents: Allows you to onboard maximum of 5 customer support agents. 

– Unlimited tickets: There is no restriction on the number of tickets.

– Live Chat: Offers a powerful real-time chat feature. 

– Unlimited customers:  The more, the better and who knows better than Desky’s Startup plan.

– Unlimited products: Grow your products and sell more with unlimited products feature of Desky support.

– Knowledge base: Help your customers with information that is relevant and related to your products and offering. 

– Saved Replies: Customer support agents can save repeated responses to save time and energy. 

– All integrations: Integrate everything your support team needs into your helpdesk. 

– Custom domain: You can get a custom domain for your website. 

– Remove Desky branding: With the Startup Plan, you can remove the Desky branding. 

– Developer APIs: Take full control of your help desk software with developer API. 

– Custom JS & CSS: Add custom JS & CSS to your public pages with Desky’s Startup Plan. 

Have any questions? We’ve got some covered under our FAQ section. You can ask away at [email protected] We would be more than happy to simplify your customer support service with our most simplified help desk software Desky.