“It’s never too late” The world is adapting this fact and learning to live in the new normal (post covid-19). Currently when you are at home, working and relaxing aren’t the only two options for you. There are plenty of websites that offer online classes and online professional courses you can look up. Isn’t it great to learn new topics in a staggered and right-from-home way?

There are some free as well as paid online coaching sites. These are basically self-regulated courses and they cover just about every skill, topic, or hobby you can possibly imagine. Sites like Udemy, Alison, Coursera, Masterclass, SkillShare, FutureLearn, and edX are the most popular ones. If you’re a coach and would want to get the most from being a part of these sites, then Desky can be the perfect partner to team up with.

With the luxury of being an online tutor, there comes great responsibility—mainly, the task of answering all your students. Finding a student inquiries helpdesk that suits you best is quite tricky. Desky’s support portal is an absolute treasure with its useful feature set. This ticketing software will ask your students to raise questions by opening a support ticket. You can either choose to reply the ticket yourself or assign it to your team of tutors. Prioritize your students and communicate with them using Desky. Desky has complied the ultimate resources to offer free, cheap yet quality helpdesk for online coaches all across the world.

Free support desk for online coaches trends:

  1. Ticket submission:

Your students can reach you with a question or suggestion by opening a support ticket on your helpdesk page. You can collect relevant information in the form that is prompted to your students. Desky allows freedom to open multiple tickets for your students. As an admin, the online coach/tutor can read the ticket, transfer the ticket or reply directly to the student. The textbox editor also facilitates the tutor to add attachment or share the code snippet for their students. Additionally, you can also edit the message you already sent to you student (just in case if you missed out on important information).

  • Chat:

With text-based communication in real-time, you get the luxury of acknowledging your students just when they’re there. You can strategize your chat session so that your students are able to find value every time they drop by. Desky’s Live Chat option helps you to queue up your students’ queries for you when you check your Desky dashboard. You can leave the quick and simple stuff to our Desky Chat operation.

Optimize Desky as Free support desk for online coaches and classes
  • Articles & Pages:

It’s a constant struggle to deliver consistent student support service. When you’re piled up in support tickets and live chats, and you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again, it can feel incredibly frustrating. When you hit this wall, think of Desky. With Desky’s Articles and Pages, you can add topics and blof post that your students find useful. You can customize and offer FAQs section as well. This lets online coaches to transform their student support portal into more like self-service or best known as knowledgebase portal.

  • Products & categories:  

If you are selling ebooks for your academic classes or want to sell digital copies of your book, you can use Desky. You can personalize your books into sections of Products & categories wherein books can be in products and categories are the genre of books. These will be prompted to your visitor/students when they open a support ticket. Desky makes the process easier by offering advance options. Try now!

  • Reports:

Having an educational support portal is incomplete if there is no takeaway for online coaches. Desky understands this and has designed reports & insights of tickets and live chat opened by your students. You can transition time and duration to take a look at tickets and support agent’s performance (if you have assigned your student’s query to any other coach agent). And, there’s more – since people are increasingly relying on smartphones to quickly access and stay up-to-date, this trend extends to tutors as well. Online coaches can now integrate their desktop portal with Desky mobile apps in Android & iOS. Deploying a full-fledge educational helpdesk is much easier when you can partner with developers who understand usability and functionality of customized software. Discover Desky with all it’s features here