Do you think consumer behavior will return old normal? eCommerce will bloom as never before once this wind of pandemic passes out. The fact is, consumers will most likely switch to ordering things online rather than visit stores post-COVID. Because it is more convenient and safe option lately. Simply put, we will see a major tilt in consumer behavior towards eCommerce and digital purchasing after COVID-19. Consequently, the question is how then can you prepare your business or a startup for change that’s about to blow? Apparently, there will be numerous eCommerce sites. It’s time to look up for a multipurpose eCommerce theme that excells in code and UI/UX.

Bestselling Multipurpose eCommerce Themes on Themeforest

We’ve spent some hours researching the bestselling themes on Themeforest that’s under $40 for you. We’re bringing all them together and tell you a bit about it in this bite-sized resource.

  1. Belle – Multipurpose Shopify Theme
  2. Lezada – Multipurpose Shopify Theme
  3. MarketShop – Multipurpose Opencart Theme
  4. Goodwin – Ultimate Responsive Shopify Theme
  5. Barberry – Modern Shopify Theme
  6. Branchy – Opencart 3 & 2 Responsive Theme
  7. Aneka – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

eCommerce Strategies To Re-grow Post COVID-19

We’ve identified three tactics that you as an eCommerce startup/business must follow to combat the situation.

A) Reduce customer frustration

Is your company still shackled by standard customer service policies? It’s critical to update your policies to reduce the jolt. So, eventually, ther than let customers wait for answer, you need to empower your team. Say for example, equip your customer support team with a flexible and scalable support portal.

B) Provide more information to customers.

Progressive eCommerce companies have long switched to data-driven stimulus for customers. Provide details about each product line, add some FAQs for reference and break the myths in knowledgebase.

C) Use collaboration tools for customer support.

Fortunately, modern customer support tool are a blessing for eCommerce companies. Tools like Desky helpdesk system can create workspaces for customer reps to connect in real-time.

This concludes our shortlist of the bestselling Multipurpose eCommerce themes under $40. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has put most service reps under pressure. Not to mention this one of a kind we’ve never experienced before. But, with the right skills and customer support system, service organizations will successfully flourish even during these trying times.