Have you ever spent time with your customer trying to make him understand the basics of your product/offering? Those questions that keep on coming and those answers that make you anxious. 2020 is the new decade of self-service portals. The empowerment of your customers is now a need for an hour. As technology rises to meet the development of how companies and their customers communicate, self-service adoption needs attention.

Customers want, expectations, and preference has changed and to match the bandwidth of them, support portal like Desky comes into the picture. Much has been discussed on how to efficiently use support portal, here, we are sharing 5 new things your Desky can help you achieve much more than you can think of at the moment.

1. Centralize information

Support portals are a genuine source of information for any size of the company. With growing business and customer base, as an author, you might face the challenge of concerns coming from multiple handles. This is because your customer is not well informed of where to look up for the information. With Desky, you can integrate and centralize your customers’ requests and be on the same page to resolve their queries.

2. Better marketing

With Desky, you have a better marketing opportunity. You can personalize an exclusive marketing campaign for your customers. Run a special offer and delight your customers with exclusive deals and content. You can ask your customers to subscribe to the newsletter which will send the offer of the week/month and features premium discounts. Nothing better than customizing marketing once you know your customers.

3. Security

Having running your own support portal with Desky is the most secure medium of communication. Stir clear of hackers who might have copied your code from somewhere and now annoying you for support. Desky allows a security check for those coming to your support portal. You need your unique purchase code to login in as a premium purchaser of the item. You can personalize the portal experience for each customer user.

4. Pull traffic

Desky is an attractive, authentic and responsive support portal to ensure that each client gets all the necessary information on one site. With the help of the FAQs section and Knowledgebase, you can optimize your customer journey seamlessly. Therefore, it facilitates you to plan your SEO strategy using these articles and knowledgebase information sources. Pull more site traffic with Desky.

5. Enrich social media engagement

When you have a customer support portal, you project yourself as someone with enhanced skills and you can deal with any kind of customer queries. With Desky you can upload video as well as knowledgeable content. You can leverage your social media by sharing this knowledge bit by bit. Simultaneously, it also helps you encourage customer involvement and attract new customers and retain existing ones.