Customers are curious these days. Getting questions is obvious, especially when you’re offering something to if you’re driving a lot of traffic to your online store. Here is the 7 times where Desky proves to be the best free helpdesk for e-commerce store. With tools like live chat, you can engage with your visitor and build interested prospects. This can lead to a lot of incoming email questions, messages, comments, concerns, etc for you to process.

E-Commerce Store & Information processing

It takes some effort and some intelligence to deal with the incoming data. A customer helpdesk will enable you to keep track of these inputs and information your customers share. You can process them efficiently, and of course and ensure your visitors are addressed of. At the same time, it becomes extremely important that your helpdesk is not clunky to you or your visitors. To help eCommerce store owner, Desky provides mind blowing eCommerce helpdesk integration services that can keep your customers engaged and entertained to your business.

By integrating our eCommerce helpdesk services at your ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify, store owners can effortlessly resolve the customer queries through the backend of their site. With Desky, you wouldn’t have to keep a check on multiple email boxes. All you need is ask your customers to wither use Chat to drop a message or open a support ticket so that you can review it at your end. It’s a great relief for store owners to manage all customers’ concerns, queries and suggestion under one place. Everything is integrated at a single location and you can save a lot of time by not having to flip across various platforms.

7 Things That Makes Desky The Best Free Helpdesk For E-commerce Store Owners

  • Smart Integration:

Desky offers two of the most popular integration for your ecommerce store – WooCommerce and Shopify. Shopify is advisable for you if you need an all-in-one-package. You can build and publish your own online store entirely through Shopify, and make use of its neat features and apps. And WooCommerce is for advisable if you already have a running website. It’s a plugin that works with WordPress, and helps turn your website into an online store. Desky helps you to migrate all your customer support queries just at one place for you so that you can never miss important piece of information your customers intend to share with you.

  • Free Live Chat:

Desky’s Live Chat offers beautifully designed live chat support that you and your agents with ease. That is to say, you can chat with customers in real-time. Also, you can queue up your customers by acknowledging them of your working hours. Another key point is you can even navigate them to articles and your recent blog. Straightaway you can choose to stay your active hours for live chat session. So, during your off-hours, your customers can also conveniently send a support ticket in the form of live chat.

  • Prioritize Support:

As an ecommerce store owner, there are times when you are loaded with multiple tickets to work on. In such case where a lot of technicalities are involved, you can assign and prioritize your support ticket. Consequently, use ‘Flags’ option in Desky to make critical tickets. Your support agent gets notified on the ticket and its priority level. It becomes easier to follow up on customers and the work as requested on task by you.

Free Helpdesk for E-commerce store owners and Desky

  • Reports & Insights:

Support plays a major role in business. Owing to this, as your business grows, you need to handle more data in form of questions, requests and concerns. Notably, it becomes difficult to manage the performance of your eCommerce site. With this in mind, Desky helps you to understand those interactions between you and your customers. Say for instance it can be in form of reports and insights. You can check how your tickets and chat interaction performed for any specific time.

  • Customers Information:

Let your customers know that you care and you take responsibility to simplify their concerns. With Desky, you can add custom fields in the ticket submission form which serves the purpose of collecting relevant information. Pull data that matters to you. Here, this information can be the order number, date of placing the order, product name, category of product, etc.

  • Effortless & improved Team Work:

Not to mention, Desky also allows you to make private notes in tickets to communicate with the team internally. Say for example, you can assign tickets to the respective department and change the priority level. You can organize, manage and route tickets with advanced filter options.

  • Knowledgebase:

Lastly, Desky allows you to build a information source like knowledgebase, articles, tutorials, FAQs, and guide for your customers. This way, they can look for information even before they open a support ticket. Thus, a well updated knowledgebase creates a strong and credible impression for its customers.

To end this piece for E-commerce store owners, you can reach out to our team to get effective solution of all your helpdesk tool concerns. Try Desky for free. Desky’s pricing is really simple, and the free version quite literally has enough of the core features you’ll need to transcend from processing emails in a single place as “tickets”. Do you have any questions? Let us know by commenting below or drop us a hi on our email [email protected]