The Covid pandemic times have changed the working of the educational system. The technological advancement in educational organizations has changed the need of having an IT infrastructure. That’s when a helpdesk software for the online education system comes into picture. 

Unlike startups and businesses, schools, universities and educational organizations need a help desk not to manage customers but students and the educational staff. They need support staff that understands their unique role. Consequently, these staff members need the tools to provide that support that helps improve student-teacher interaction within the system. That’s what helpdesk Software for an online education system is built to support.

Why use a helpdesk software for online education? 

Online education has opened a pool of large and diverse education audiences. From managing students digitally to dealing with their questions and tracking incidents, there is a lot an IT help desk can do for an educational setup. A help desk software for these systems can help with the volume of requests, complaints, password resets, and inquiries that otherwise sound overwhelming to manage on email and excel spreadsheets. A sound and flexible help desk software like Desky which has a powerful Knowledge Base feature can help fragment information. The help desk software can eventually become the single source of truth for all students and educational staff involved.

What Can a Helpdesk Do for an Online Tutor/Organization? 

Ticketing & Knowledgebase 

–              A help desk allows access of information through resources and a knowledgebase for students. Staff can add articles and create guides for students for reference.

–              It serves as a centralized source of communication. You can communicate and update sections for your students and notify them. 

–              You can also blast email with the help of email templates feature of progressive help desk software like Desky.

–              Each ticket can be traced and prioritized according to their level of urgency.

–              With a helpdesk software for an online education system you can make two-way communication which gives you a better insight of how your staff and students are interacting. 

Real-time conversation 

–              Any announcement can be made immediately through real-time chat on your help desk system. 

–              Ask questions and resolve or redirect your students while they face difficulty understanding the subject/topic. 

–              Engage with the students and participants to ensure they are on the same page without losing the track

User Experience 

–              A help desk software provides a friendly and intuitive user-interface to both your staff and students. 

–              It offers your students and participants a virtual place to enhance communication. 

–              While it also ensures your staff provide a conducive environment for tutors to resolve student inquiries. 


–             A helpdesk software for an online education system helps you take important decisions through key insights on resolved tickets. 

–             Just like Desky allows you to access reporting of the performance, it helps you to increase efforts and ensure that the tutors are performing well in resolving students’ issues.

–             Reporting in a helpdesk ensures a fair assignment of tickets which again saves time and energy for both students and tutor. 


–              Save valuable time for your staff when it comes to repetitive nature of requests. Desky support offers you ‘Saved replies’ for those canned responses. These replies can be preconfigured to deliver certain instructions on the basis of certain keywords or students can be sent with solution articles from the helpdesk’s knowledge base.

Advantage of Mobility

–              A help desk can offer an interaction over a mobile platform. This is imperative for students. It helps them to access information anywhere, anytime, and on-the-go. A help desk mobile app allows you to get to where the help desk is needed the most, right in the hands of the students. 

Benefits of Using Help Desk for Online Educational System

–             With a helpdesk software you can easily set roles and permission for students, administrators, teachers, support staff, or any other role your organization needs.

–             Allot ticket to dedicated support tutor that are trained and skilled to respond to the unique issues students have. 

–              Easily organize your teams so you know where everyone is working and what they are working on

–             Use systematic ticket classification to identify and triage general tickets while preserving individualized support for role-specific issues. 

–             A helpdesk software helps in ticket reporting and supervisory follow-up to structure the 
communications of professional teams by creating ticket reporting.

–             As an admin you can provide feedback and progress updates to tutors on supported tickets as they advance through the system on the recent history of issue resolution. Desky lets you create a special ‘Note’ for the support staff which is confidential. 

–             Communicate estimates and queue wait times to students and staff with more accuracy.

With the right installation and configuration of help desk software, you can advance your online education system. However, not all the helpdesk software can do this. Desky Support helpdesk & live chat software offers all the useful features in the most simplified way. Help desk software for education also plays a critical role in skill building throughout your student learning community.  


Since the COVID-19 pandemic has literally transformed all facets of business, including education. Educational system has re-purposed the use of technologies such as video conferencing, project management, and messaging apps. It has become extensively important to adopt a help desk software that allows uninterrupted learning by way of self-sufficient knowledge base and resolving issues through tickets swiftly. 

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