We continue to improve your way of managing customer service. Desky team is working consistently on accelerating innovation in quality, new features, solving previously existing issues, and the overall experience. Help desk software lets you manage your customer support requests in the most productive system. Today we are super excited to announce yet another mega update release of Desky helpdesk + live chat software. Last month we worked on some of your suggestions and concerns to launch the significant changes in the Desky. These changes are designed to improve the experience, put the support agents/representatives in more control, and improve the quality of customer support service.

Here we come with the exciting news to introduce our new major feature update. These updates had been launched in August 2020. So, this is for notifying all of our valuable clients not to miss any of our new changes.

In this article, we are summarizing what new features are added as well as what changes are made from previous functionalities. It is very much easier to implement updates on your currently used Desky. If you are new to it, you can reach out to us at [email protected] would be more than happy to assist you. Well, this is just a sneak-peek of how we are optimizing Desky to make your customer experience more professional and approachable.

New update:

  • Support ticket grid/table list
  • Mail setting set separate
  • Add SMTP & Imap log view history
  • Shopify integration
  • Agent allow advance filter
  • Agent auto assign ticket
  • Envato auto sync new product if user try to submit a ticket
  • Configuration update issue fixed
  • Ticket details page add new information
  • Chat link with ticket
  • In chat add article list
  • Allow ticket submission after support period expiry
  • SMTP & Imap handling. It will be off after 3 exception attempted.
  • Fixed minor bugs

Final Word

We are taking further steps to be confident in the quality of your Desky helpdesk + live chat system. We work closely with the ecosystem of our clients during this phase to proactively obtain more early feedback about this release. Feel free to send us an email. This will give us additional signals to detect issues before broader deployment. We are also continuing to make significant new changes in Desky’s technology to both detect high-impact issues efficiently at scale and further evolve how we intelligently add new features that will have a smooth user experience for both you and your customers.