Undoubtedly the customer support service space has changed over the last decade. The advancements in mobile technology, staying connected with your customers is easier than ever. Brands have been running Customer satisfaction and feedback programs for years, but customer experience is altogether an avenue yet to be explored at its best. In this post we have unveiled 5 tips to ensure you are receiving your return on investment from your customer support ticketing portal Desky.

1. Feedback cycle

Your customer support service is a continuous improvement cycle. It must evolve to listen and to prompt in ways that customers provide feedback. To get the most from your support portal it is important to analyze and act on the feedback continuously. It’s a great idea to tell your customers that you’ve adopted their feedback in tidbits or full. These can be your tactical or even strategic changes which will yield more eventually. Doing so will make them feel special and their feedback valuable. This will encourage your potential customer to share the feedback again. Feedback is a very important source of business improvement ideas.

2. Build journey maps

Understanding your customers is defined by analyzing their feedback, purchase and purchase pattern and review. You can build your audience profile and create a journey map with all the data. Your customers expect a certain level of attention from you when they reach out to you. Having a dynamic Live Chat feature will help you to connect with your customers when they’re actually there. The brand’s agile customer support service will help take marketing plans and decisions. This journey mapping of profile helps you to form key metrics of repeat sales. Journey maps help you to understand the current experience for your customers; showcasing customer feedback adds additional customer perspectives, it takes your growth map from qualitative to quantitative making your map more actionable and meaningful. Moreover, these customer data will helps you identify the key moments of truth which you can fix or enhance to receive the desired ROI.

3. Internal collaboration

Feedbacks from your customers is a good way of identifying which team needs to appraised and which team needs training. In order to take appropriate actions, you can capitalize on your customer support service by internal collaboration. You can use the feedback to coach your employees. When employees are not aware of whether their curated product or services are perceived well. It is important to let your employees know about their performance. You can assign customer support servicess to the respective support team. Having internal information flowing is as significant as what information part goes out of the company. Reviewing your employees’ customer support performance is one way you can achieve your calculated ROI. You can show your internal team how they can meet their customers’ needs from customer support service. When employees are skilled and trained to manage customer support, they have the ability to alter and delight the customer’s experience.

4. It’s a continuous process

Your customer support service is a journey and not a destination. You can start small by timely answering your customers, tracking the status of your customer support ticket, prioritizing customer service requests and so on. Customer support service is always running and building a point-in-time data. With an intuitive and user-friendly support portal, you can encourage your customers to give feedback and improvise. Social proof like customer testimonials as a form of public ticket acts a means to multiply sales which will help you achieve your ROI. Engage with your customers to listen and ask in ways that your customers desire to provide feedback. It is advisable to analyze and act on the feedback continuously, not only during the periodic audits.

5. Revisit to refresh

Setting a customer service vision is all good but when it comes to analytics, you should know how you are performing. A standard set of key parameters can help you where you stand on the graph. If however, you’re not achieving the desired outcomes for your customer support service, perhaps you can revisit your customer service roadmap. It may be time to refresh your strategy. Data collection methods have changed. Data collection methods have changed and today’s smart and advanced customer support software offers added advantage of Live Chat. Reporting a concern has been made quicker to encourage customers to engage better. Customer support service includes more than just feedbacks. Your approach to the customer support service has to change from capturing feedback to distributing and analyzing the information.

Businesses are able to generate a massive amount of customer data which then helps to personalize the communication. These data help support teams to amplify the customer experience at touchpoints. Which of these 5 tips resonate with you? Which ones are you already using, and which will you incorporate into your customer support service today? Don’t settle for anything less than your expected outcome. Work on your customer service with an efficiently build customer support portal like Desky and set things straight!